Celebrating GATmatic 10th Anniversary

Celebrating GATmatic 10th Anniversary

2023-03-03 By Gat-matic

On March 2, 2023, GATmatic successfully held its 10th-anniversary celebration at Hilton in Shenzhen. The theme of the event was “Weathering the storm together for over a decade & Pursuing our dreams with one heart to win the future”. All partners of GATmatic were present at the ceremony to start a new era of technological development.

Over the past ten years, GATmatic and its partners have experienced trials and hardships but have come out victorious. Looking back, the company has achieved glory through hard work and determination. Today, GATmatic is at a new starting point and is determined to continue working with all partners, moving forward with bravery and setting sail for the next decade of glory.

During the celebration, Mr. Luo, the chairman of GATmatic, reviewed the company’s ten years of hard work and excellence with partners. He expressed gratitude to all employees and partners who have been with the company through thick and thin. Mr. Luo also expressed his vision for the next decade, which will be a decade of rapid development for GATmatic. The company will continue to create innovative and industry-leading auto care products and become a well-known comprehensive solution company in the global auto care industry.

Mrs. Deng, the shareholder representative of GATmatic, reviewed the company’s details over the past ten years and expressed her gratitude to all employees on behalf of all shareholders. She encouraged everyone to continue to create greater glories.

The company also recognized and praised the values and spirit of advanced individuals who have shown outstanding performance and contribution to the company. Representatives of various departments performed their talents and sent their best wishes for the company’s 10th anniversary, adding more color and fun to the celebration.

The 10th-anniversary celebration of GATmatic was a grand success. The company is looking forward to a better future and will continue to work hard with all partners to achieve more glory.

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