Top 10 Questions Before Purchasing a Tire Changer

Top 10 Questions Before Purchasing a Tire Changer

2023-03-09 By Gat-matic

If you’re planning to offer full-wheel service to your customers or expand your current inventory, then you’ll likely need a tire changer. It’s important to choose a model that can accommodate the types of tires and wheels your customers bring in and that your technicians can easily use. Here are the top 10 questions you should ask before making a purchase:

  1. Who engineered the tire changer?

Many low-cost products on the market are designed to wow customers with their low price rather than the quality of their engineering and manufacturing. At GATmatic, we take pride in offering both superior engineering and better pricing. Our drafters and engineers perfect every detail of every product we offer, which is why we have so many repeat customers.

  1. What is the price, and why is it priced that way?

Some companies offer prices that are comparable with the features they offer, while others prioritize low prices over quality, serviceability, parts replacements, and customer service. At GATmatic, we understand that budgets vary, but we believe in providing a long-lasting tire changer backed by a pristine warranty and friendly customer service. Our equipment lasts much longer than you might expect for a single piece of shop equipment that will get used and abused on a daily basis. Although our prices may be higher than those of dirt-cheap companies, they are still much lower than the most expensive brands that offer unnecessary bells and whistles. We believe that your equipment should help you earn higher profits, not rip earnings from your hand.

  1. What are the included features of the tire changer?

When selecting a tire changer, it’s essential to consider the available features and determine which model best suits your workshop’s space and workload. For instance, GATmatic offers various models, including the compact TWC602 tire changer that can handle most tire and wheel combinations without taking up much space. Other models come with tilt-back designs or left/right assist towers that make it easier to change tires on multiple sets of wheels. It’s important to note that these features may require additional space to operate. While more complex features are necessary for shops that frequently service wheels, a simpler model may be suitable for occasional repairs. Ensure that the supplier you choose can explain each model’s features and help you make an informed decision.

tire changing machine 602

  1. Does the company provide customer support?

Many companies are too small or unorganized to offer reliable customer support. You may have experienced the frustration of leaving a message with no response. GATmatic, on the other hand, boasts a growing customer service team with more on-site representatives than any other wheel service provider in the country. Our commitment to excellent service is evident through the size of our team, and we take pride in fixing mistakes and seizing opportunities to improve. When selecting a tire changer supplier, it’s crucial to ensure that they prioritize customer service as we do.

  1. Can the manufacturer honor a good warranty?

Even the most reliable equipment can sometimes require service or replacement parts, and a good warranty plan can provide peace of mind for tire changer owners. Make sure the company you choose offers a clear and comprehensive warranty plan that they will honor if needed. Some companies may try to hide the terms and conditions of their warranties, which can indicate poor customer service and support. At GATmatic, we offer a highly competitive warranty plan with every tire changer we sell, and we encourage you to compare our plans with those of other brands.

  1. What is the manufacturer’s sales volume?

Understanding the manufacturer’s sales volume is important in determining the quality, pricing, and features of their equipment. The more a manufacturer produces, the better pricing they can negotiate on raw materials, allowing them to offer competitive pricing and high-quality products to their customers. At GATmatic, we sell more automotive service equipment than nearly anyone in the industry, which enables us to provide our customers with the best possible pricing and products. If you’re considering a tire changer manufacturer, make sure they can offer both quality and affordability and don’t settle for less.

  1. What about the company’s reputation?

The reputation of a company is a critical factor to consider when purchasing a product. The ability of the business to service the product they sell is essential, and it’s important to ensure that they can live up to their marketing claims. Establishing trust and confidence in the buyer is key, especially after the sale has been made and the customer’s relationship with the company truly begins.

  1. Can your garage accommodate the tire changer you want?

It’s important to make sure your garage is compatible with the tire changer you’re interested in. While a customer may believe they have enough space based on the dimensions of their garage, they may not have considered that certain models, such as those with a tilt-back feature, require additional space to function properly. To avoid disappointment, it’s important to measure and double-check the available space. Sales representatives can provide details on the required space for each product, but it’s ultimately the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their garage can accommodate the machine they desire. Triple-checking with a sales representative can also ensure that the business provides accurate information, and it can give an idea of what it will be like to work with the company in the future.

  1. Is the manufacturer’s brand proudly displayed?

As previously mentioned, at GATmatic, we take great pride in our engineering and the quality of our products. Unlike other companies that simply rebrand wholesale purchases, we engineer our tire changers to precise specifications and proudly display our brand name and logo on each and every product. Other companies may try to hide behind alternative brand names to pass off low-quality products, but at GATmatic, we want you to know that you can trust our name and our products.

  1. Does the company maintain an active online presence and engage with its community?

Although it may seem trivial, a company’s online presence is a key indicator of their reputation and commitment to their customers. At GATmatic, we prioritize our online presence and engage with our community on social media to provide the latest information and insights into our products and services. We believe that an active online presence is essential to maintaining customer trust and providing exceptional service. When you choose GATmatic, you can be confident that you’re working with a company that is committed to its customers and values its reputation.

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